Our life is like a book

Our life is absolutely beautiful. A lot of things happen day by day, which amaze me.

A couple weeks ago a new person arrived in my life. He is new because I didn’t know him before. He told me that he opened a new chapter in my life.

Our life looks like a book. We can write the pages, or sometimes we feel the fate writes it for us. And the years passed, we become older and our book starts to be thicker.
In our life some people leave us and in the same time new people arrive. One story is finished, but a new one has already begun. This system is like a circle, which is never ending.
When we start to write an untouched page maybe we don’t know what the future will bring, but it is acceptable. We like the surprises, especially we like the nice things, so we can hope we will get the best. Our strength is the trust and faith. Sometimes people say these two nouns are the strongest, which can stay till the last moment…even if we feel hopeless.
We aren’t allowed to give up. We like the creativity so we can focus on things and image a nicer life for us as we had before.
Yes, we can write our own beautiful, endless and amazing stories. We should keep going on. We have to be open minded and accept the nice gifts of our life.  
I like the new chapter in the book of my life. 



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