The Hungarian Hen party and wedding

Last week I was lucky to take part in a big Hungarian wedding.

Before I start to speak about it, I would like to mention the Hen party. How does this party in Hungary look like? As we live in a very open world, we have facebook, so it was really easy to create a group for this purpose. In this group we could share our imagination, ideas. The girls decided to do more taks, which the bride had to complete. For example she had to answer different questions about her groom. The questions were sometimes difficult. How many hair does the groom have?. But there were also good ones as well. When did you meet him for the first time, when was the first kiss, what was the first present for each other? When the answer was right, the bride could get little surprises. When she couldn’t reply well, she had to drink. We had a bottle of alcohol also. We painted lines on it. The lines meant the reasons of her wedding. At the top of the bottle the first line was ‘fun’ and at the bottom we wrote ‘love’. If the bride could drink till the bottom, it meant she will get married because of the true love. These tasks were good for the beginning. 

We continued the night in the city centre. The bride had to dance around a tube and ask people to write wishes for her. We finished our tour in a pub, where we could enjoy nice music and sing too. It was a lovely afternoon and night. The company of the girls were amazing. I think It will stay unforgettable for everybody.
One week later it was time for the wedding. I had to get up early, because I accepted to assist for the photo-shooting. I think I made a good a decision. It was so nice to see two young people, who are in true love. The atmosphere was full with love and care. I could enjoy the cutest moments of my life with them.
 Later on when everybody was ready, it was time to ask the bride’s parents, if they allow getting married their daughter. After it the guests, all of the people were on the way to the state office, where the couple could say ‘happy yes’.  We want to get married because of our free decision and love. The marriage vows were official from that moment. The next step was the church. The priest blessed the new couple. The bride and the groom were ‘just married’.  After the ceremony the relatives, guests expressed their good wishes for them.
Finally we could go the restaurant to enjoy a nice evening, 4celebrating the new couple. The wedding celebration menu: for starter we got a traditional, Hungarian chicken soup (vegetable, meat). The next was the pörkölt as stew. It is special pasta with beef. The third food was the different meats with potatoes, rice also. You have to have a big stomach if you would like to taste everything. I can promise you, you will be fuller than you expect. This menu was original more decades old.
When everybody was fine, it was the time for dancing and have fun.
The following music can’t be missed from the Hungarian wedding:

Some hours later the couple cut the wedding cake and offered for the people.
At 12 a.m. the new wife dancing started. This is also a tradition. Every guests had to dance with the wife and put money in a box. Minimum expected money is about Ł40. Nowadays the married people don’t want to get present as they live more years together before the wedding, so they have a lot of stuffs in the household. But there is always place for the money at home, so this new wife dancing is good occasion for collecting it.
I can say this wedding invitation was the best in my life. The company, the foods were wonderful. I could dance a lot, meet new people. In the morning after 5 a.m. the celebration was still going on!
Thanks for everything! I wish all the best for your new life, which you will live together forever!



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